What's this group all about?

London Vegan Meetup is much more than just a list of events; it's a place for vegans (and others interested in veganism) to come together and meet one another - typically over some lovely vegan food.

Over the last few years, it has evolved into a genuine community, with firm friendships being forged - plus at least one marriage!

Is it only for vegans?

It's not only for vegans. Anyone interested in learning more about veganism, whilst enjoying vegan food, is welcome to come as well. However, we do ask that you eat vegan food only at our events.

How long has it been going?

The group was founded in January 2007, and has been going strong ever since - becoming one of the largest vegan social groups in the world (actually the largest we can find!)

Why go vegan anyway?

Please see this page from the Vegan Society: Why go vegan?