Do I have to be vegan to attend events?

No, we have lots of vegetarians attending (plus pescetarians, flextarians and omnivores). However, we do ask that you eat vegan food only at our events.

Does it cost anything to attend events?

We do not charge members to join the group or to attend events. But you're welcome to make a donation to help cover our costs.

Also, some events (such as festivals) may have an admission fee. And you'll need to pay for your own food and drink, of course!

OK, what do I need to do?

Find an event that you like the look of, and click RSVP to say you're attending.

But for events where there are a limited number of places, please don't say you're going, unless you're actually going. (And please don't turn up if you haven't said you're going!) Then please keep your RSVP up to date. (See our page about RSVPs too...)

Then what?

Check the event description for the exact time and place to meet - and turn up! Different events are organised by different members, will have varying degrees of organisation. But generally they should have an Event Host (shown at the top of the RSVPs list) so it's usually a good idea to say hello to them when you arrive. If you can't see them, look out for one of the "Leadership Team". Otherwise, the venue staff will often know where we are.