Donations? I thought this group was free!

We're keen to ensure that cost is never a barrier to attendance - either for vegans on a low-income, or for non-vegans who don't want to pay to learn more about veganism. So we have never charged for membership or attendance. Nevertheless, some third-party events that we attend (such as festivals) may have an admission fee. And you'll need to pay for your own food and drink, of course!

So what are donations for?

Donations go towards the costs incurred running this group and putting on events (including fees, music licensing, Facebook ads, marketing materials, and so on) as well as the costs of future initiatives (such as travel costs for visiting speakers, and the production of vegan education).

Do I get any perks for donating?

We're keen not to create a two-tier membership, with extra perks for those with more disposable income. So donating won't give you any extra privileges. And not donating won't mean you lose any. Donations will just help us to further the group's aims. So if you'd like to make a small contributions to help the group flourish, that would be very much appreciated. But it's also OK if you don't.

OK, where can I donate?

You can either support us on Patreon, or you can make a one-off or recurring contribution via PayPal below. (You don't need a PayPal account to do so!)