Can I organise an event for London Vegan Meetup?

We welcome events that support the aims of this group (rather than any individuals' or organisations' own agenda). We can help set up an event with you as the "Event Host". (Or, under certain circumstances, make you an "Event Organiser" so you can set up your own events.)

Why don't you just let anyone organise an event (like you used to)?

See this discussion topic. (Also Meetup no longer allows event creation by any group member!)  

OK, what do I need to do to become an Event Host?

You'll need to be vegan, an active member of London Vegan Meetup, and to have made yourself known to the group organiser. (Non-vegans are more than welcome to join the group. But only vegan members can become event hosts and organisers.)

What do you mean by an active member?

Someone who has come to enough recent events of a suitable nature to have got to know some other members, and what the group's all about.

Then what?

Just ask! But you'll also need to agree to do the following for any events you organise...

  • Contact the venue to determine the maximum number of people that can be accommodated, and book space for the number of people that you want to be able to attend (if relevant to your event).
  • Act as a contact for members coming to the event - arranging a time and location for those attending (and letting them know how they can recognise you!), providing comprehensive event details and keeping them up to date, answering people's enquiries (and responding to their comments), ensuring that the number of RSVPs tallies with the size of the booking (using RSVP limits and waiting lists), greeting people on arrival, helping them to meet one another, etc. (Obviously this means arriving at, or even before, the start of your event!)
  • Recognise that people should be eating vegan food only. For events such as meals at (non-vegan) vegetarian restaurants, this may mean reminding attendees before they order. Also, if food is a key element, the venue should only serve vegetarian food (and obviously vegan options must be available!)
  • Only use the group's bulk email facilities to message members who have said they're going to your events (and only about that event).
  • Don't delete comments; contact the group organisers if you think any need to be deleted.
  • Don't tread on other organisers' toes, for example...
    • Don't change other people's events without their agreement.
    • Don't organise an event that's similar to one that another organiser has previously organised without their blessing.
  • Try to avoid clashes with other events. 
  • And let the group organisers know if you need any additional help!

Can I share my external event on London Vegan Meetup?

We welcome events that contribute to London Vegan Meetup's development as a genuine community. But not those that simply seek to exploit the group as a source of free promotion.

However, we don't normally allow an organiser of an external event (i.e. one that is not exclusive to London Vegan Meetup) to be the Event Host for the corresponding Meetup event too - as fulfilling both roles is generally impractical, confusing for attendees, and a potential conflict of interests. Therefore, we'll need an independent Event Host. (So not your spouse or bestie! Just an active member who's interested in attending.)

But we may be able to help find someone who can coordinate the event for London Vegan Meetup, so please feel free get in touch about your event.

(See our page on Promotion too.)

Can I suggest an event that I'm not organising?

Yes. Suggestions are more than welcome. There are a couple of ways to make them..

  1. Start a discussion about it on the Message Boards, and see if another member is prepared to organise the event.
  2. Get in touch with your suggestion.