Do I have to be vegan to join?

No, we have lots of vegetarian members (plus pescetarians, flexitarians and omnivores). However, we do ask that you eat vegan food only at our events.

Does it cost anything?

No, it's completely free to join the group, and attend our events. (But see the page on Attendance too.)

Are there lots of "rules"?

Not really. Just use your common sense. For example...

  • Eat vegan food only at group events.
  • For events where there are a limited number of places, don't say you're going, unless you're actually going. (And don't turn up if you haven't said you're going!) Then keep your RSVP up to date. (See the page about RSVPs too.)
  • Ensure that your posts (and comments) are relevant to the group (or event) and civil. And don't spam other members (via event comments, message boards, email...)
  • Avoid prejudice such as:
    • racism or xenophobia
    • sexism or sexual harassment
    • homophobia or transphobia
    • religious intolerance or religious fundamentalism
    • disability discrimination or body fascism.
    Everyone is welcome and no-one should be made to feel unwelcome.
  • Don't harass, attack, insult, abuse or shame other members. And if you have an issue with the conduct of another member, please contact us, rather than attempting to take them to task yourself (as doing so may also be considered an "attack").
  • And while we occasionally have singles events, with at least two marriages resulting from our Meetups, this is neither a singles group nor a dating site. Please respect this (e.g. don't use the site or our events to "hit on" other members!) Instead, we suggest you visit our new London Vegan Singles group on Facebook.
  • Finally, do not do anything that is likely to bring the group into disrepute, or jeopardise our relationships with third parties.
  • Breaches of these rules may result in your temporary or permanent removal, with or without a warning.

OK, how do I join?

Just click "Join this group", and follow the instructions. To avoid any delay, please make sure you provide a short introduction, and answer all the profile questions in full (no nonsensical or one-word answers, please). It'd be great if you could add a photo too, so that members can recognise one another.

Then what?

Have a look for events that you're interested in - and start attending!